First school bond projects completed during the summer

In November, 2016, KCKPS passed a $235 million no tax
increase bond referendum, and the first projects being paid out
of the bond were completed this spring and summer. Additional
construction projects are underway while other projects are
scheduled for coming years. In total, there will be more than 80
projects during the next fi ve years that will touch every school
building in the school district.

Here are some of those recently completed projects:

Playground equipment was installed at nine elementary
schools throughout the school district. Many of the schools had
little to no equipment for students to play on during recess. So
far, that has changed for Grant, Lindbergh, Claude Huyck, John
Fiske, Stony Point South, Eugene Ware, ME Pearson, Whittier
and Caruthers. Some of the equipment was installed at a few
locations before the school year ended for the summer – just in
time for swinging, jumping, sliding and playing.

Published with permission from The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Education Connection, Summer 2017 edition.


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