Rosedale business owner gives back to Rosedale Park

pete cashen

You may know Pete Cashen as the owner of TMS, Inc., a mechanical contracting company at 701 Southwest Blvd., or as the co-owner of Dynamic Discs, a disc golf equipment company in both Emporia, KS and Rosedale. The staff at RDA know him as one of our dedicated board members, but Pete is a community leader in his own right.

“Whenever anybody needs anything, they call Pete,” Josh Harvey, manager of Dynamic Discs, said. “But when he needs something, he doesn’t ask anyone. He just makes it happen.”

In addition to being an RDA board member, Cashen serves on the board of the Kansas City Flying Disc Club (KCFDC). According to the KCFDC’s website, the club “is a non-profit, member supported organization with the mission to provide an exceptional disc golf experience in Kansas City while focusing on competition, conservation, education, partnerships, and philanthropy.”

With the help of local disc golfers, Pete Cashen helps reach both KCFDC’s and RDA’s missions by giving back to Rosedale Park.

“Pete helps maintain the baskets and the disc golf course [at Rosedale Park.] I’ve been here [at the Unified Government Department of Parks and Recreation] for five years, and he was doing it before that,” Deputy Director Jack Webb said.

In addition to caring for the disc golf course at Rosedale Park, Cashen also works to leave the park better than he found it.

“This spring he helped plant around 18 trees at Rosedale Park, and 40 more in Bonner Springs,” Webb said. Cashen also helps organize volunteer groups to clean up around the disc golf course about four times per year. These volunteers help to act as extra eyes and ears for the parks department, alerting staff of problems like downed trees and lights that have gone out.

Webb added, “It’s a big help really. He’s a good guy.”

Money for landscape improvement doesn’t come just from Cashen, but from the community. Disc golfers from across the city make donations to Rosedale Park when they visit to play. Webb said, “He raises a lot of money for trees and mulch. I think it was $3,000 this year.”

“It’s not surprising to me to learn that Pete dedicates so much time and resources to Rosedale Park and the disc golf community,” RDA’s development coordinator, Alissa Workman, said. “While planning the recent Rosedale Disc de Triomphe, I quickly learned that Pete’s dedication to Rosedale and our surrounding communities paired with his disc golf knowledge were the driving force behind organizing the tournament.”


Article originally published on Rosedale Development Association’s website, check out the original article here. 

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